Tips for Finding Food Your Picky Pup Will Love

Tips for Finding Food Your Picky Pup Will Love

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in a seemingly frustrating situation when it comes to feeding your precious canine at home. Over the years, I have learned from experience that not every dog digests their eats in the same way. For instance, I had a cocker spaniel puppy who refused to eat his din-din from a bowl. I never understood it. I surmised the little dickens must have either thought it was too strenuous on his neck to bend over or he just didn’t care for eating from a dish on the floor. Whatever my pup’s reason, I ended up having to feed my finicky pet with a table fork! It sounds ridiculous but at least he was being nourished. And then there were times when my little one would spit out the veggies found in his dry kibble and bits. Thing is, I found a specific way to get him relaxed enough to eat every bite. I’d just turn on our vacuum in the house and he’d then actively pursue digesting his morning breakfast! It sounds quirky, but again it worked! All it took was a little ingenuity on my part and a whole lot of patience with my fussy furball. Most of the time I realized that if I changed his type of dog food regularly as well my little one would eat more and regularly… and of course he enjoyed sweet treats too!

But, how does one go about pleasing their choosy pooch and at the same time ensuring their pets are getting proper nourishment?

Here are a few basic key tips for finding food that your picky pup will LOVE–

First of all make sure you maintain a regular schedule of eating. Just like children, dogs need to eat their meals on a regular mealtime schedule. I know life gets busy on all of us and we ourselves may forget to feed our pet on-time. I suggest getting an automatic food dispenser or posting little reminders on perhaps your fridge or on your notebook computer, especially if you work at home on a computer.

Create ways that your doggie will enjoy eating his meals. Relaxed environments are best and sometimes playing soft or playful music around the house can also motivate your little critter as well during mealtimes. Stay away from giving too many snacks as well…consuming too many treats can prevent your pup from finishing a well-balanced meal.

Feed healthy foods for your doggie.Try grain-free dry dog food instead of typical whole-grain types. There are some brands that are enriched with protein and are usually healthier than wheat or corn. Dogs who are picky eaters generally enjoy high-protein content found in foods.

Nourish their bodies with good-quality meats. Steak, turkey and chicken mixed in with their own wet dog food can work magic. And think out of the box. Dogs are able to enjoy salmon and milk products too. Try mixing a cup of light Greek yogurt along with your pet’s dry dog food. Or a cup of light cottage cheese paired with minced ham and bacon. Be creative, and be sure to not overload their bowl or dish with too much of just one style of food. Mixing wet and dry dog food together and pairing a variety of meats spices it up for your picky pooch!

Don’t skip out on healthy fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, most dogs like sweet fruits and veggies especially finicky canines. So, indulgently feed your pet a variety of berries, steamed broccoli, spinach, and Brussel sprouts. Your beloved choosy doggie will enjoy the taste of the nutritious produce and you’ll feel good that you’re supplying them with adequate vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep your little one healthy and happy.

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