Building a Garage? Here’s What You MUST Get Right

Building a Garage? Here’s What You MUST Get Right

The garage is a crucial part of the house design. Recently, there has been a trend of designing bigger garages to accommodate more vehicles while at the same time provide storage space. Even though constructing a typical garage is not expensive, the drive to minimize the cost results to a structure that does not conform to the appeal of the house design. Below are some tips to help you create a garage that will suit your need.

Attached or detached

The first thing to consider is whether the garage will be attached or separated from the rest of the house. There are various factors that you have to consider before choosing either an attached or detached garage. For instance, the place of residence will influence the type of garage to construct. Although properties in urban areas are easily connected with main utilities, they provide less flexibility to design garages. In fact, most homes in urban areas are characterized by the attached garage. However, rural areas offer more space to construct detached structures.


Accessibility is an essential factor to consider when constructing a garage. Most home constructions nowadays have an attached garage that faces the street for easier access with the vehicle. Alternatively, you can choose a garage entrance that is angled away from the street. Apart from parking the cars, the garage is also used as a storage space. Therefore, you have to consider accessibility from inside the house.

The available space

The available space determines the kind of garage design to construct. Initially, most homes in the United States had a garage that could only fit one car. However, nowadays garages are designed to not only hold more cars but also accommodate bigger vehicles like SUVs. In fact, the two-car garage has become the most common design.

Utilize the space above the garage

Attaching a garage to your house is not a difficult task. However, it is a more significant challenge utilizing the area above the garage due to the dynamics involved. For instance, the wall height of the garage can make the roofline disproportionate. Utilizing the space is an economical way of creating an additional living or office space.

Appearance matters

Nowadays, designers are trying to integrate the garage with the rest of the house seamlessly. Instead of designing a garage that looks different from the house, you can try to match the façade. For instance, match the colors of the windows or doors with that of the house. Also, you can change the single garage door into two smaller doors.


Since most people use the garage as the primary point of entry, security is a major concern. Therefore, it is advisable to install suitable security systems. For example, automatic door openers are featured with rolling codes that change the security codes after every access. This eliminated duplication of codes and thereby preventing intrusion from burglars. Vacation mode is another critical feature of automatic door openers. The feature allows access to the garage only from the inside. Apart from security, automatic door openers offer convenience since you do not need to get out of the car to open the door.

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