Better Person Quotes

I’m just human, I have weaknesses, I make mistakes, and I experience sadness;
but I learn from all these things to make me a better person.
-Unknown quotes

Don’t push yourself to try to be right in everything cause sometimes being
wrong makes you a better person.
-Unknown quotes

I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working
makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom.
-Cindy Crawford quotes

You can’t expect to find this amazing person if you’re not growing and
becoming a better person yourself…the harvest depends on the seed.
-Unknown quotes

Fear can be conquered. I became a better person and a better football
player when I learned that lesson.
-Roger Craig quotes

Being understanding and nice to people who are obviously fake to you
doesn’t mean you fake like them, it means you’re just a better person.
-Unknown quotes

Falling in love-you should go with it, regardless of whether or not your heart
gets smashed. You’ll be a better person.
-Sandra Bullock quotes

I have an unending desire to be better and make myself a better person, better mother.
-Tanya Tucker quotes

It makes one a better person to have had hardships and to have overcome
hardships and not to blame anybody else for your mistakes.
-Maureen Forrester quotes

You shouldn’t just work on your jump shot. You should work on being a
better person, a better teammate, and a better friend.
-Sue Wicks quotes

If I want to be a better person for whoever is in my life, I have to learn.
-Paul Gascoigne quotes

To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed.
-Sidney Poitier quotes

Everything happens for a reason. People will push you around and take advantage of you so you eventually give up on everyone and trust nobody but yourself. Life isn’t easy, but we all know that. These struggles that most of us all face is common throughout the world and we all got to learn that this only makes an individual stronger in the heart and mind. We have to accept that those nights of feeling lonely and stressed are nothing but ways to help push you into becoming a much better person. And that’s what bids us a happy and wonderful life in the long run.
-Marisa Stein quotes

Ask yourself: was there anything I could have done to prevent the situation?
If the answer is yes, do something now and become a better person for it.
-Dave Pelzer quotes

What do I like in a girl? I like a girl that likes me, a girl that knows how to
smile and see the bright side of things. A girl that makes me a better person.
-James Lafferty quotes

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